Andrea Berneche

Branch Receptionist

I was born in western NY, but did most of my growing up in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Regarding my experience in the industry, I sold life/health products 30 years ago and am rusty, but I am looking forward to learning all lines of the insurance industry now. I gain a lot of satisfaction from knowing what I do is helpful to others. I always look for the positive side to any challenge and hope to have that positivity spill over to those I serve.

My voice isn’t what it used to be, but give me a microphone, and I will step up to it! I delight in spending time with my family. My husband and grown children are my delights. I understand this will only grow when I have grandchildren! I am active in my church and volunteer for any activities I am available for. Have you ever seen a parking lot full of giant boxes of bulk produce?  Bagging them into family-size portions isn’t the most glamorous job, but knowing it helps feed people is gratifying!