Business Insurance

For over 23 years, The Grogan Agency has been serving Alabama with business insurance coverage and financial peace of mind. We make it our business to protect your business, making sure you have excellent insurance coverage at a value that doesn’t hinder your economic growth. Call (205) 661-9393 today and speak with one of our agents about a business insurance consultation.

Our business insurance policies include workers compensation and commercial general liability in Jefferson, St. Clair, Lamar, Marion, Walker and Winston Counties.

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Business Coverage

If you plan to be successful in business, having the right commercial insurance policy is a must. The nature of your business dictates some insurance needs. Each business is unique. From the products you deliver and services you provide, to the employees you hire, each have special characteristics that demand specific coverage.

Our seasoned agents at The Grogan Agency will guide you through the many intricacies of business insurance, making sure you end up with the most comprehensive coverage at the most valuable price.

From commercial auto to property coverage to General Liability, BOP, and umbrella policies, we can serve and add value to your business without clogging your economic growth.